Not only women, we men too want to look and feel good right? No need to be an underwear model as choosing the ideal compression shirt can make us look slimmer while improving the overall body contour. Compression undershirts are becoming popular as a supportive wear and also as sportswear item due to their ability to hide man boobs (True gynecomastia) and stabilize upper body muscles. These can be worn alone or as an undergarment with a regular shirt on top which will be barely visible. There are several types to choose from including long sleeve, short sleeve and sleeveless where long sleeves can exert an increased compression power compared to shorts but short sleeves can put more pressure on biceps and triceps making it ideal for muscle builders.

Who will be benefitted?

  • People suffering from full blown or marginal Gynecomastia (man boobs/moobs)

Do you know that 36 percent of young and 57 percent of the adult population in the USA has ‘disturbingly’ some form of Gynecomastia? Although mostly harmless with spontaneous regression, this condition is known to lower one’s mood crippling his daily activities even resulting self-harm in several reported incidents.

Man boobs are a result of an unbalanced hormone status in our body causing the growth of glandular breast tissue, chiefly due to elevated serum estrogen hampering the activity of masculine hormone testosterone. Newborn and adolescents during puberty develop man boobs as a natural physiological response in their bodies and usually goes down with time without the need of any intervention. In adults and elderly, however, the cause might be pathological and may need a medical consultation for finding out the underlying factors like thyroid problems, testicular tumors, drug abuse etc.

Compression undershirts are distinguished as a safe, pragmatic and affordable solution for hiding the visible Gynecomastia, thereby of extreme value as a quick fix for day to day events and special occasions while reducing the associated mental strain, alleviating the risk of social withdrawal and isolation.

  • For athletes and active individuals

Compression undershirts endure an extensive production phase rendering it suitable as a ‘functional clothing’ engineered to boost sports performance of the athlete. Its revolutionary material can optimally regulate your body heat according to the magnitude of activity and wick the sweat, bestowing an extra comfort at the same time.

The idea of compression undershirts is to ‘compress’ and hug against the body providing an external support for the muscular-skeletal system. They can provide an extra support for back muscles during sports making them less vulnerable to injuries and aches. The compression will also contour the upper body for an elegant athletic appearance.

Another key advantage for athletes is the improved blood circulation achieved through compression especially by long sleeve compression undershirts. Regular wear can facilitate the venous (bad blood) return to the heart establishing a strong and robust cardiovascular system.

  • Following male breast reduction surgery

The gold standard treatment option for male full blown Gynecomastia is the breast reduction surgery which is widely practiced nowadays. The enlarged glandular tissue will be excised reinstating the typical breast contour using normal tissue. Nevertheless, following the surgery, there will be a moderate risk of ‘popping the stitches’ and excessive bleeding as the skin and muscle in breast region are very much active and shift according to the movements of upper limbs and abdomen. Surgeons recommend wearing a compression undershirt ideally for four weeks after the surgery as the ‘compressive’ effect will keep the surgical area free from bleeding (hemostasis), assisting in a quick recovery.

Compression undershirts can be of value to anyone who is willing to have a slim looking chest and belly with numerous added benefits. From elderly to adolescents, this revolutionary product will help in achieving a healthy life both mentally and physically.