Gynecomastia, man boobs or simply ‘moobs’ are enlarged breasts tissue in males and has become a fairly common disfiguring condition affecting men both physically and psychologically. The term ‘Gynecomastia’ derives from the Greek words ‘gynaik’ and ‘mastós’ meaning female breasts but used commonly to imply enlarged male breasts. This benign condition is frequently bilateral affecting both boobs but occasionally can be one sided which must need an urgent medical referral to exclude the rare male breast cancer. Other than that, almost all other conditions are self-limiting, non-life threatening and do not demand any special kind of treatment.

Having said that, man boobs can have a negative effect on the sufferer resulting in mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and social phobias which is the real threat. The sufferer can develop poor self-esteem and lack of confidence making them ashamed of their own bodies leading them to gradually withdraw from the society. According to statistics, psychiatric consultations due to social withdrawal resulted from physiological Gynecomastia are very common in adolescent males which can be more profound in adults who receive less personal attention than pre-teens. They feel emasculated and become over conscious of their appearance. Unlike female breasts, man boobs are not considered erotically attractive for both men and women, making things graver.

Manboobs can significantly affect your daily activities as males are naturally adapted to carry loads in their chests. Several exercises may also become difficult or if not impossible like running, jogging, curl-ups, jumping jacks etc. The associated social stigma can make them avoid any public gatherings and special occasions. Most sufferers unsuccessfully try to cover or compress their breasts using different tactics making them more depressed. Nonetheless, severe emotional stress must be medically handled as the mental hazards of Gynecomastia are far more damaging than physical ones.

What are compression undershirts?

These are compressive vests that address the issue through reducing the overall size and prominence of moobs while improving overall upper body appearance. A dreamy upper body contour of an athlete will be not so dreamy once you have chosen the correct size and type for your body. These can significantly boost your confidence and up your self-esteem acting as a quick fix for the dreaded Gynecomastia. Compression undershirts have become a sensation among sufferers as they are a cheap and effective alternative to the invasive treatment options like hormone pills and surgery.

The innovative compression undershirts have undergone intense performance and reliability testing for providing several other added benefits despite the compression effect. They are ergonomically tested and can wick body sweat without making the wearer uncomfortable while regulating and maintaining the body heat making them ideal to use as sportswear. The revolutionary microfiber technology in the material makes it soft and comfy regardless of the constant pressure on the upper body.

However it is imperative to buy a compression shirt with correct size and type and should not choose a smaller size than what you normally wear as it can be uncomfortable.

Whether to buy or not

If you think that your day to day work is being affected either mentally, physically or both you are in need of some kind of treatment for Gynecomastia. Breast reduction surgery is currently acknowledged as the gold standard or ‘go to’ therapy as the result is permanent and without serious complications. However, if you are in need of a much more temporary quick fix, compression undershirts are divine and will make you appreciate your body image and believe me as I say, not having man boobs even temporarily will be a great relief.