G ynecomastia or so called ‘man boobs’ is an underrated medical condition which is commoner than you think. According to statistics, about 36 percent of young adults and a staggering 57 percent of seniors in the United Sates are having some form of the dreaded Gynecomastia. What happens here is male breast tissue enlarges with time due to certain abnormalities in the endocrine system, especially with the hormone testosterone. Nevertheless, most individuals do not consider medical treatment as this is an asymptomatic condition in most instances.

Around 70 percent of adolescent boys have it, which is completely normal and in fact is a part of a normal physiological response associated with the development of secondary sexual characteristics. There will be a disc-shaped swelling of breast tissue with a mild pain but usually subsides within a year spontaneously. However, it is crucial to know that this is not Gynecomastia which is actually not a normal bodily response.

How does it occur?

The human body has a mechanism called homeostasis through which it maintains the balance or the equilibrium of all metabolic and biochemical actions. When there are ‘stimulating hormones’ there will be inhibitors to counteract, through which balance will be kept. In gynecomastia, however, testosterone, the breast suppressor is reduced with a slight increase in estrogen that is a breast booster, resulting in male breast tissue development. So simply put and any condition that increases estrogen or diminishes male testosterone natural or acquired, can cause Gynecomastia. There are a number of reasons for this imbalance but most of them are non-threatening and usually reverse with time.

Is it life threatening?

Generally, this is not a serious condition. As previously mentioned, most reasons are benign and self-limiting but in certain conditions, this breast regression may take time and demand surgical correction but the incidence is significantly low.

Can it be male breast cancer?

Highly unlikely as male breast cancer is an extremely rare condition that contributes to less than 1 percent of breast cancers and 1 percent in total male breast swellings. Family history plays a vital role and if you are having Gynecomastia with a positive family history for male breast cancers, then better consider swift medical care.

Nevertheless, there are some red flag attributes pointed out in medical literature suggesting male breast carcinoma which are listed below.

  • Recent rapid onset

  • One sided enlargement (normal in adolescents)

  • Fixed to underlying tissue and does not move

  • Overlying skin anomalies eg. excoriation

  • Moderate to severe pain

If you are having one or probably more of these symptoms urgent medical care must be considered.

Few significant causes of Gynecomastia

There are physiological and pathological (not normal) causes for Gynecomastia. In newborns and adolescents around 14 years of age, this condition is perfectly normal. Also in elderly seniors due to gradually declining testosterone levels this can occur physiologically and does not demand any form of treatment unless it’s affecting you mentally.

Pathologically it can occur in an injury to testicals affecting the spermatogenic cells that produce masculine hormones. Several testicular infections (orchitis) which sometimes may be asymptomatic can result in an automatically regressing b enlargement. Medications account for a total 25 percent of the incidence of Gynecomastia. Drugs like anabolic steroids, anti-depressants/psychotics, digoxin, marijuana, methyldopa, and heroin can result in the accused in long term.

However, it is always better to consider a medical consultation just to find out the underlying pathology as early diagnosis is key in several ailments.

What makes it serious is the psychological impact

A recent study done at Boston Children’s Hospital involving 47 boys in 12 to 21 years of age with Gynecomastia found that restlessness, loneliness, physical limitations, pain, tension, and eating disorders are frequent in the affected compared to others. Same goes for adults (even worst sometimes) and the negative impact on the quality of their lives is not trivial, can even predispose mood disorders like clinical depression resluting in social isolation.


This is the most common condition that gets confused with Gynecomastia. ‘Pseudo’ means false and occur due to excessive fat accumulation in the breast tissue or underlying skin giving a fairly similar appeared to Gynecomastia. This condition actually does not need any treatment but can be effectively masked using Gynecomastia compression shirts for men.

How our compression shirts help?

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