Gynecomastia is a medical condition that affects the male gender as a result of imbalances in their hormones-testosterone- which is responsible for guiding their growth during puberty. Another hormone-estrogen-is also present in the body of a man. This hormone is primarily responsible for guiding growth in girls during their puberty. Basically, both males and females have both these hormones in their bodies. What differs and gives both genders their distinguishable features is their intensity and their effects on the human body-body hair, chest development etcetera.

Although breast development in men doesn’t work the same way as it does in women, it’s true that all baby boys have working breast tissues since the time of their birth. When suffering from gynecomastia, estrogen levels in the body of a man increase beyond a normal degree, resulting in swollen breast glands and tissues-‘moobs’. This swelling may occur proportionally throughout the chest area or may cause one breast to swell up more than the other.

These imbalances mostly prevail in a boy’s body during his puberty stage and in men’s bodies as they age. Usually, a pubertal boy can be ridden of the condition naturally after 6 months minimum or 3 years maximum. More than 2 in every 5 adolescent boys will have this while two-thirds of men aging more than 50 years will also show symptoms of the condition to some extent. There are also a few other factors that may disturb the balanced hormonal levels in a male’s body, regardless of their age.

  • Diseases that harm your liver functioning.
  • Renal failure-when you have reached the end stage and your blood cannot be filtered or cleaned.
  • Abuse of illegal drugs such as marijuana, heroin, steroids and also alcohol overconsumption.
  • Obesity can result in increased estrogen production.
  • Some forms of cancers; tumors existing in the lungs, adrenal or pituitary glands.
  • Injurious testicles, which are responsible for the production of testosterone
  • Hyperthyroidism; hormones excreted from thyroid glands are also responsible for controlling sexual development and growth.
  • Infant boys can also suffer from gynecomastia if the estrogen from their mothers is still present in their bodies.

Some men may even have low testosterone levels without any solid reason behind it or without any of the above-mentioned factors taking their toll on their bodies’ hormonal environment.

Let us know, take a look at how you can treat gynecomastia and say goodbye to your moobs for good without having to go through with risky and costly surgical procedures. Although many plastic surgeons suggest people to go for this option, you should resort to this only if all other treatments and methods don’t work out for you. Everyone’s body and its system is not suited to gynecomastia surgery and can cause certain side effects which you may not be too comfortable with.

Working On Your Diet

The food choices you make daily without thinking twice also have a great impact on the development of this condition. Firstly, you should cut down on your calorie intake to control your body mass as obesity can lead to increased estrogen levels. Switch to consuming nutritious foods-fruits, leaner proteins, and vegetables. Inflammatory foods should be avoided at all costs and replaced with eatables that promote anti-inflammation; berries, green vegetables, fatty fish etcetera.

Consuming foods that help in supporting and keeping the testosterone production in your body at a balanced, optimum level is also very important. Healthy fats and minerals such as zinc and magnesium are suitable for this.

Gynecomastia Exercises

Milder cases of the condition with no underlying diseases serving as triggers can be treated to a great degree by exercising. However, one should be careful as to not just look for burning fat but to focus more on muscle growth. The former will only result in more prominent breast tissues while the latter is the real key to gaining a flat chest.

Some great and effective exercises include High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT), pushups, seated row, and dumbbell presses to rid your chest of the ‘saggy’ look.

Therapy for Testosterone Replacement

Although this is a feasible and popular option for many men struggling with moobs out there, it is not a practically safe option-just like surgical methods. There are substantial side effects that can cause other serious health concerns, for example, heart attacks or strokes. Plus, testosterone therapy may impair you from producing the hormone naturally, making the therapy an imperative and unavoidable ‘solution’ for you as time passes.

Other Preventative and Treatment Measures

  • Boycott steroids and don’t ever look back as they promote enlargement in men’s breast tissues.
  • If you feel that your breast tissues have swollen, you should check the medications you have been taking, consult your physician and stop taking those medicines which are known to cause this condition.
  • Sleeping well and for adequate hours is extremely crucial as this is the time period during which your body regulates the production of healthy hormones.

Compression Shirts

Last, but certainly not the least, comes the use of compression shirts. This is the least costly and timely solution to your anxiousness over not looking ‘lean enough’ or looking ‘too feminine’. Gynecomastia is known to be a cause of depression, anxiety, low levels of self-esteem and confidence and even eating disorders among teenage boys and middle-aged men. These emotional reactions can have adverse influences on your lifestyle and alter the choices you make.

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