It’s true that guys have chests and girls have boobs but in ‘Gynecomastia’, men develop boobs which are glandular and fibromuscular, just as in girls. However, in most visits to the doctor, there is no glandular development only enlarged breast fat pad which is called ‘lipomastia’ or pseudo-gynecomastia so it is important to differentiate these two. If your breast lump feels lobulated or a bunch of grapes inside, you probably have true Gynecomastia.

Usually, there is no need of any kind of treatment for getting rid of man boobs as it is a well known self-limiting health condition. Both physiological and pathological (not natural) situations reverse automatically without demanding any intervention except some cases with deep-rooted underlying medical conditions. Puberty-related breast enlargement in boys aged 13 to 14, resolves within several weeks to three years in approximately 90 percent without intervention. Still, conditions caused by an underlying pathology, like male hypogonadism (lack of testosterone), liver diseases and thyroid disorders should be corrected to alleviate breast enlargement.

Although it’s a common benign (harmless) male breast condition, it has resulted in poor self-esteem and social phobia among the sufferers. Self-conscious preteen boys during their adolescence may feel embarrassed to show their body even to their parents and feel that they might be becoming girls. Puberty is a vulnerable time and they fear that they will be neglected or bullied by their peers making them prone to mood disorders like anxiety and depression, sometimes even resulting in self-harm.

Adolescents can be encouraged by parents and teachers by explaining that it is a natural phenomenon plus a bit of counseling but adults due to lack of encouragement and guidance, gradually withdraw from society with deprivation of self-esteem. The psychological impact on grown men can be more detrimental making them emotional wrecks with poor self-esteem, low levels of confidence, and negative body image as most are embarrassed to discuss this even with their loved ones.

Regardless of mostly being a reversible situation, Gynecomastia complicated with mental strain seriously demands any form of therapy, supportive, medical or surgical, as early intervention is key in handling psychological disorders like low self-esteem. Currently practiced treatment options are discussed in brief below.

Supportive therapy

Though most instances do not demand invasive treatments, supportive therapy from the family, loved ones and healthcare practitioners like counselors can be crucial in overcoming associated low self-esteem and social anxiety. Currently, there are a number of health groups through which men can express their feelings anonymously and seek guidance as a group. Some mental ‘after effects’ can prevail even following the resolution of the matter and may need long-term supportive care. Periodic evaluations may be needed to see whether the condition regresses on its own or not.

Medical therapy

However, if you think your quality of life is severely affected by having man boobs better to consider an invasive option. Medical treatments are frequently aimed at inhibiting the ‘estrogen receptors’ in your breasts thereby alleviating the stimulatory effect of estrogen on boobs. Few prescription drugs are tamoxifen and raloxifene which are both SERMs (Selective estrogen receptor modulators) and approved by the FDA but not specifically as a treatment for Gynecomastia. Recent studies have demonstrated the efficacy of these drugs which were able to reduce the glandular tissue bulk to some degree.

Surgery is the gold standard therapy

There is no way of permanently getting rid of true gynecomastia except surgery so far. The reason is that it involves enlargement of glandular tissue, not fat. The growth of glandular tissue can be controlled through drugs and even regressed up to a certain extent but not entirely, unfortunately. If you cannot wait till it spontaneously goes down, surgery may be your best option.

The medical term for the surgery is ‘mastectomy’ which is often done bilaterally. Cutting into our body is considered invasive but advancing surgical techniques have allowed removing the tissue through a tiny hole or holes resulting in a trivial scar and speedy recovery.

How compression shirts can assist

If you are a muscular athletic fit individual you know you can visit any place with confidence. But this is not the story for those with man boobs. Individuals having Gynecomastia know how difficult it is to hide man boobs which make them avoid social events resulting in social phobia and lack of confidence. The revolutionary Gynecomastia compression shirts or vests can remarkably mask man boobs and give a nice contour to your upper body as well, upping your self-esteem back to normal. If women can wear numerous underwears for hiding the bulges and unsightly curves, men too can wear a ‘manly’ compression shirt that shapes your body contour with confidence.

There is no advanced science behind these and you just have to wear it under your shirt and it will do the job. This is, in fact, a one time invest as you can wear it over an over as the material is elasticity tested. The material is comfortable and almost invisible even through a thin layer of clothing. You will get a quick temporary fix for your problem using these tested revolutionary shirts.

However, compression shirts are only for support and not a treatment for Gynecomastia. These are not alternatives for medical and surgical treatment at all but can help you tremendously in boosting your self-confidence and uplifting self-esteem.